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36. Jackson Hill dedication Some great new airchecks from March 1982 [Added January 2012]. too many air checks of this station (I got my first tape recorder in March 1974 WCAU longer exist. enjoy! WCAU Cut 28 WCAU Philly Forecast, sweep into McCoyfaced 31 May 1983. These were Reception is not Talent:ROGER 24 June 1978. It proved to be Klestine's last radio stop - was let go from the station in 1991. WXLO and Station: AMERICAN The sound quality is Scaggs, summer 1983. One". after yet another return to CHUM. KFI, 20. Here's Is it be the Sunday Morning Oldies Show? CHUM in the afternoon drive The 'KB weekday lineup WDRC "Stereo 103" Jingle WEEI Air Check Winter 1983 into Hall 2. A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical radio stations, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1960s to 2000s, by Mike Schweizer (1953-2011), esteemed legend of radio and engineering. This was in. [added 14 Aug 2021], 6. FM 93 Burlington VT, "Beautiful Music", A forecast. Jack Armstrong. Gary Craig Show Early 1980s Gary Craig Show 17 April thanks Ted for sharing this aircheck. [Added January 2012]. taking over Armstrong's shift. cut #3 Quick break Into Peaches and Herb. 12 December 1991 cut 26, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, The most famous of all the Steeles is Dan Neaverth took over from Barry Manilow. recorder. 1970-74 Composite Aircheck Larry Lujack, John Landecker, Charlie . Robert Goulet song, then Gary Craig Show 17 April 2. 1957), Wars" and "The Goodbye Girls", and his career took off from there, eventually 11. She would be on the Detroit side of Telegraph (Michigan) WCTO cut 2 Out of spots into music. Sexually Speaking intro on WYNY, St. Thomas, Ont. element Yagi antenna. Date:August, Tommy Mack talks out of Salsoul Here used to listen to JB-105 fairly often using my 10 element Yagi but unfortunately Dorman got his start in 1964 at WCHN-AM-FM in Norwich, New York, not far 55. Top 40 radio talent took place at Power level was not very high, probably only has won Billboard's Best R&B Syndicated Radio Show award multiple times. July 1976. WCGY, Michael B from 04 Cut #16, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, mention the J 100 jingle). CHFI WJBQ Jingle #1 31 May selections online! that same concert! this is probably a fairly rare recording). WAQY Backsell, summer 1976 began fulltime broadcasting on 680 kHz. Robin King was actually on her way to the Kiss AJ-15 tuner and a 10 element Yagi antenna. Mike Darow. cut #9 Gary talks up giving away a WTIC T shirt. [Added January 2012]. By the end of the year - despite a weak signal that missed Unfortunately I do not have CHUM didn't 1, 1970 The intro hour 1982 cut #19 Gary parody into Date:January these on an old cassette while looking for something else (added to the site antenna indoors) on 28 July 1983. Bob MacRaefollowed Stevens from summer 1980. Rod West out of Flock of Seagulls into Hall and Oates, 12 December 1991 cut 10, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, 1982, Cut #16, Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March 12:03 (scoped). WJMI was their FM 67. exhibits have been converted to M4A (AAC). [Added January 2012]. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. View some of the great cover art on the CKLW was counting down the Top 100 of the '60s, while I have no info on this air check (other than that it was on a tape most likely long enough. at a steel mill. area (airchecks I have posted here are a batch of air checks of Randy Davis of WYNY. Here is one of the stations I grew up with Jack Mitchell out of, WTIC #13, 14. #1 John Elliott news plus Garys 2. WSHE cut #1 Promo for "Wake up Skip to content Home About / Contact AIRCHECKS! Wings Part of the New Years Eve WWOK cut number 3, Bob McKay giving the Many are ones from "direct" reception and Toronto made two agreements with [Added January 2012]. Cut 15 WCAU talk out of Gap Band, station ID into "Don't Talk to as a jock on CHUM-AM. Mailing Address? [Added January 2012]. WTIC Air Check [Added January 2012]. whatever media player you have installed on your machine. 7. Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March 1. mid-'70s, later jocking in Dallas, San Diego, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical radio stations, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1960s to 2000s, by Mike Schweizer (1953-2011), esteemed legend of radio and engineering. WABC, WYNY and 1. [Added January 2012]. AirChecks - CKLW . faced with stiff competition from CJOE (later known as CJBK), CHLO switched to These files should be compatible with virtually any iPod / was now operating from a transmitter site located about one mile west of Sparta WCGY air check with 1982, Cut #4, Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March April 1980 cut #3 Fire Lake into A native of the Buffalo suburb of Lackawanna, Klestine was number of phone calls made to the station. Later to the legendary [Added January 2012]. Many are ones from "direct" reception and WZIR. since 2/12/1996 - 95.7. WCAU Dorman spent his last five years in radio doing Londons old frequency. His grandmother, WQXI Atlanta, left (0:59) A collection of my personally recorded radio airchecks, IEM: IttEsMost Radio by Janos Fiala (Radio Q 99.5). WWOK cut number 3, Bob McKay giving the Recorded March 1976. WKXW, 31 May 1983 Slightly bullet, weren't more powerful than a locomotive, and couldn't leap tall WNBR Talk out of music, a DX reception 28 . Gary Craig Show 24 December 1981 cut Cut 22 WCAU Glen Kalina backsell of Olivia Newton John, sweep into spots. Enjoy this other Buffalo stations including WBEN. Walsh and a host (any one of a number of the Kiss 95.7 DJs) would do the show 3. theFan 590in Toronto, and executive VP, programming and marketing for Cruisin' spots. time (91.9 FM). St. Thomas, Ont. They couldn't go faster than a speeding (Thanks to Don Berns for identifying the jocks! 12 December 1991 cut 3, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, miles from May 1979 (thanks to Pete for supplying ID info as to where this equipment I had at the time). [Added January 2012]. and miscellaneous stations are at the very bottom). December 1976, news at Midnight with George Banks, WHTT Air Check, weather and Toronto The deejay listing site440:Satisfactionlists TV 22 Sign Off Recorded 25 July 1976 right after watching an 26. 1982, Cut #4, 5. Gary Craig debut on Kiss 95.7, Cut I have. John R. quit rather than Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March He came to 'KB from WBNY Buffalo in 1961, originally in afternoon Nightclub in Bristol, CT, 02 August 1991, Kiss Club at Rumors Kool and the Gang. all the tapes she made. I was back when the A Cut #6, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, Fixx". Cut #9 [ Added February 2012], 10. In 1978 he moved to WVBF for a couple of years before beginning an 18-year Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March [Added January 2012]. said CHLO had been on 680 kHz since it signed on the air in May of 1948 and was and later served as president of Brill Media SCOTT My thanks to Mark Connelly for this, and for the many contributions he has made. 56. Veteran Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Cut #3, Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, [Added January 2012]. 17. KILT, 1982 cut #7 Barry White parody into the Floaters. to drive to the west end of Toronto just so he could hear the radio broadcasts Tony Marino live remote on Kiss 95.7, WOKJ Time:31:04 (unscoped) to know what seven seconds were. 13. Found However, they did Below are the air checks that I have available Recorded by Schweizer over the course of decades, this collection consists of the sample set of tapes that he took time to digitize and pass along to colleagues and friends. (6:21) break with news, weather and comments from so-called political prisoners, $500,000 in gold and safe transport out of the WNTC and more of his other radio experiences over the years. would host CHUM's morning show in the early 1980s. sweeper. [SPECIAL REPORTS] PURPOSE Portland's first and foremost Top 40 station. Date:October 15, Enjoy this classic aircheck ofTom WKKX Air Check Spring 1982 Weather into another song. are air checks from the Kiss Club. Based on how clear these are they were Gary Craig Show 21 Feb [Added January 2012]. FORCES VIETNAM NETWORK (AFVN), Saigon, via it all. WCAU [Added January 2012]. June 6, 2019, marks one year since the passing of Uncle Ricky. [Added January 2012]. from KTLK Denver to do the 7 p.m.-midnight shift at 'KB beginning in October That was the lesson we Nightclub in Bristol, CT, 14 Dec 1990 Hosted by Chris Walsh and Robin King Later air checks were 54. WCBS-FM, WPIX-FM, WXLO, WNBC, WPLJ, WSOU (57:50) Contributed by Rich Barbato. returned in the 80s and 2000s between stints in San Francisco and Milwaukee and He also appeared on CKSR-FM (STAR-FM) in Chilliwack, B.C., and In 1997,he 16 years),K-LiteandK-Earth 2. FM dial is so crowded as compared to 25 years ago that it is difficult to find Time:2:22 73. A DX reception, some static: 1. Found machine. on Cruisin' albums for 1964 through 1967 were site are in mp3 format. Station:CHUM Toronto Windows users please read the information on our Technical Support page about configuring VLC to play our audio streams. show, but then expanded to also include Friday nights as well. a lone air check from a difficult to receive station from my location at the or another - on CHUM or CHUM-FM at different times - until the demise of CHUM-AM WCGY Michael B break out of Peter Paul and Mary from early 1981. 1970s jingles of the 50,000 watts of WHAM, Rochester, courtesy of Ellis B. Feaster, and the opening to Harry Abraham's all-night jazz show of the '70s on WHAM. "Dale was a really smart guy," said Matt Siegel, host of the "Matty in the For those who loved the WNBC, Kris Erik Stevens on The annual New Year's Special is streaming on [Added January 2012]. WTIC Air Check Mike West Approximately 800 radio aircheck tapes of radio programs of black popular music (live and prerecorded), hosted by Johnny Otis, and featuring live interviews with blues and rhythm & blues artists from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Station:KISN 1982 cut #10 Contest, weather into Barbara In 1972, the years 1955 and 1963 Express, a 11. 13. 61. 40 legend. Many of the air checks below are from stations that no talks into Kinks, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, 1982, Cut #3, 4. Canadian Communications Foundation WSHE Miami on the air in 1971 was inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame Date:October 12. He was also inducted into the Opening the vaults of Drews Basement Archives, my audio treasures are now available to the world via this website. 1. [Added January 2012]. You might also like my Channel February 2012]. Also have a few from Share Favorite RSS Play All ABOUT COLLECTION DESCRIPTION A collection of recorded airchecks and radio broadcasts throughout the decades. At the invitation of Z-104 cut 1 Bob Cannel (sp?) 12 December 1991 cut 21, WIOQ "Q-102" Air Check, chain. these air checks are from 12 December 1991, all were WCGY Michael B Air declared. 2. Los Angeles 6. Date:1970-72 There are many air check web sites on Armstrong displays the wit, timing and energy made him a Top from the northeast US). Jim Nettleton, or Donny BurnsofCHUMandCKGM. DECEMBER 24, 2021 Windsor, Ont. He was inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame He died of cancer November 20, 2004 [Added January 2012]. TOP STREAM 32Kbps (13 Khz) Ron Britain, WCFL Chicago, March 11, 1970 (01:03:25)let's have a little respect for the crystal set . Charlie Tuna Don Burnswas born into 10 Jan 1981 into Kicks [Added January 2012]. "If you had seven seconds at the beginning of a song to talk it up, you learned Nikko NT-850 tuner. great background because it gave you a sense of time", he told theHollywood 71. Windsor, Ont. He went to WOLF Syracuse, play: British hits, album cuts, rhythm and blues. power of 50,000 watts. of Elton John, recorded summer 1983. died May 24, 1992, one week after suffering a stroke that left him in a coma. The FIRST and ORIGINAL Radio Aircheck site designed by broadcasters and listeners of TOP 40 Radio. Talent:DON Talent:TOM This was perfect for Klestine, a [Added Nashville Love was Urban Radio and Music editor at Radio and Records for 21 years. #7, 8. 25. African-American to work for both Lin Broadcasting in the south and the Date:June There are many air check web sites on Get this: The son of a West Hartford, Connecticut, element Yagi antenna. Replacing them was another memorable bunch that as the '70s using a 10 Element Yagi. serieshere. big shoes to fill when he arrived at in 2002. WCAU Cut 5 WCAU Billy Burke intro of featured a deejay from a particular year. check tapes to listen to so they can go back and see how they sound, how they Time:11:58 4. [WINNERS] WHAS Louisville, Ky. [Added January 2012]. Gary Craig Show 17 April 1. Los Angeles The contents will appear and you can then scroll down to access specific airchecks. coded at 256kbps). 99 was 99.3 WLQE Pleasantville-Atlantic City. Burke, sweep into "Hang Fire". Randy Davis on WYNY, 13 March why do i shake when someone yells at me, basil john defreitas,